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It’s really beautiful to see people transform. What makes them hungry for knowledge, what makes human beings fulfilled, what makes them change? We all know that change can happen in a moment. But we’re afraid it won’t last. How is it that people can make lasting changes, what makes that possible and is it really real?


You are the audience

Enjoy this workshop when you’re in the Lead for Innovation, Delivery or Development. As a Manager in IT, HR, Finance or Operations. Or as a Coach in Lean, in Agile, in DevOps. Whether you’re in Government or in Retail, in Healthcare or in Manufacturing.

When you feel it’s about time to make a difference and you get the message that the Obeya might just be the vehicle to drive the Organization Transformation forward, you’re more than welcome to join.


The Return on Investment

In small groups, on an outstanding location, in an inspiring atmosphere, we will work together and cover these topics:

  • trends and forces in the world that demand for a new paradigm on how we manage our Organization
  • the concept of the Obeya and essential lessons in Lean
  • how to realize flow and improve productivity
  • tools and techniques and the visualization of their results (Customer Journey Mapping, Personas, Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Kaizen Events, A3 Management, Improvement Kata)
  • teams in the Obeya and the Mission for leadership
  • practical development of the Obeya


What you will Receive

You’ll receive a copy of the book “Iedereen Obeya” plus all presentation materials. You might want to give it away if you already purchased your copy (and studied it in advance…) We start at 9 am and end at 4 pm. A formidable lunch is included. If the weather is fine, we might want to go out for a short walk & talk through the forest. You’ll meet your peers, who probably face the same challenges as you do. I promise you, it will be a great opportunity to learn, gain new insights and be inspired.


When to enroll

Reserve your seat today and discuss your options. Contact us right away at


Where’s it at?

Location: Hotel Gaia. Schapenzandweg 3, 7431 PZ, Diepenveen. It’s approximately 1:20 hrs from Amsterdam, towards the East, just outside Deventer. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this ancient Estate.