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Managers matter!

They can have a huge impact on employee performance. Managers will succeed only when they can identify and deploy the differences among people, challenging each employee to excel in his or her own way. How do you learn this? Most of the leadership training out there doesn’t really return that much on investment. It turns out that making a connection and being accessible is what matters most. So, now you know.



In comes the Power of the Obeya

At Apparens we believe in doing. We value execution. We help you build a powerful Obeya with useful information on the wall, and attractive visuals. This is where you establish connections between people, between board room strategy and activity on the shop floor, between the daily operation and the continuous improvement of that operation. This is where you are accessible, this is where your team’s portfolio shines. Introduce the Obeya Navigation System, your transformation starts today.



Crucial to Team Succes

Leadership is not only about developing and communicating a vision and setting objectives, but is also about following through to achieve results. For this, leaders need to have a strong results orientation. They need to emphasize the importance of efficiency and productivity, and prioritize the work of highest value. It’s crucial to the success of a team. Team members need to know where they’re going. They often need help to decide what to work on. And that’s where you step in as a manager. Now, we know you’re stuck but that’s okay. So here’s how we help. At Apparens, we offer results-driven solutions to transform your business. To help your company reach its full potential, we have to dig into the details. Our custom quote includes: Assessment & Advice, Performance Management, and in-Company Training

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A detailed evaluation of the unique needs of your company.

Assessment & Advice

We need to go beyond the symptoms that accompany the problem. They merely serve as alerts or evidence that the problem exists after all. There is a cause for the problem and there are factors to consider that keep the cause in place. Once we share a common understanding, we both validate our Obeya Navigation System is the number one solution for you and your organization.


Based on this assessment, we determine our approach. Let’s set up a call and go over this in detail. We do assessments in 1 to 4 consultancy day engagements, greatly depending on the availability of your people and data.

Scalable packages for all stages of business growth.

Performance Management

Depending on where you are, and where you want to be, you might feel the need for flexibility towards a stepwise solution. We will help you there, building on your strengths and established capabilities. Apparens has productized its approach in such a way that we feel confident in offering you parts of our complete solution, while assisting you in how to follow your own course successfully.


We don’t waste time. That’s one of our operating principles. We offer flexible pricing tailored to your requirements in 4 to 40 consultancy day engagements.

An inspired guiding coalition for further business transformation.

In-company Training

You might have a few executives that are willing to drive the Obeya Initiative forward. You might have Lean IT Coaches or Black Belts on board that are perfectly capable of leading and coaching. Wasn’t there a Business Controller on the team with great affinity for data-driven graphs and analysis? Why don’t you all get together and be inspired by an In-Company Training on our Obeya Navigation System?


We offer a compelling story, great insights, hands-on experience and much more to kick start your initiative. In-Company Training is professionally matched to your needs in up to 3 training day engagements.

Our packages might include some of these activities

  • Clarify the Voice of the Customer with Customer Journey Mapping, and use of Personas;
  • Go over your Value Stream to determine scope and target condition for improvement;
  • Define your Objectives and Key Results, and guide your people on the OKR Framework;
  • Map out your optimized Run organization and Operating Model;
  • Assess your Technology Products and Partners for the purpose of Obeya Indicators, Visual Management and Work Flow Management;
  • Drive Continuous Improvement by professional problem solving techniques;
  • Design and build your System of Metrics and Indicators;
  • Guide the implementation of your Kanban Management System or help improve it;
  • Offer a gateway to Technology Business Management, a business model and decision-making framework which enables IT to run as a business, empowering IT organizations to manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services.

Learn to See

We will always team up with your execs and experts, to provide guidance and coaching. They will learn on the job. After our knowledge transfer, your new build capabilities are there to stay. Please get in touch today and let us know how we might be of assistance.

Get an Overview

Sign up for one of our 1-day workshops we frequently deliver across the country and get familiar with the Obeya Navigation System on an introductory level. Refresh your skills and knowledge and get back on track. See what is possible. Spark your Agile Transformation. Contact us to get on the path to a custom quote for one of our Services. Book your workshop today in our shop.